86956 Schongau, Christopstraße 25 (707 m über NN)

The Frauentor is a gate in the historic, almost completely preserved town wall of Schongau. It allows access to the old town of Schongau from the west.

Audio commentary on Station 6, Frauentor

Excerpt from the audio commentary by Oliver Pötzsch

The Frauentor, through which you descend from the city hill into the plain, was still called the Kühtor in executioner Kuisl‘s time, because this is where the city farmers‘ cows were driven out to pasture. Built in the 13th century, it is one of the oldest city gates in Schongau. Inside, where a wine bar is worth a visit, the walls from the time when the city was founded can still be seen. Incidentally, I also like to have a pint or two here myself.

Incidentally, in my novels, the midwife Martha Stechlin, who is embarrassingly questioned by the executioner in the first part of the saga, lives nearby. The town accuses Martha of witchcraft, the mob has turned her house upside down, the windows are smashed, the door is crooked on its hinges. With a little imagination you can surely see the house. And now Magdalena is coming too, looking around the ruined room again. She will make an important discovery there, namely...

Heda, watch out! Now we were both almost run over by the cart that just rumbled through the gate. Damned carters, pay no heed, the hangman should whip them all!

Do you see the picture of the protective cloak Madonna in the archway? As the patron saint of the city, the Madonna protects the citizens and the fortified city of Schongau, at least that is the wish of the painter and client. Often enough in vain, because here in the west the Austrians and the soldiers of the Augsburg prince-bishop repeatedly attacked the city, most recently the Tyroleans of Andreas Hofer in 1809.

On the other side of the wall you will also find a statue of Mary, made by the sculptor Johann Pöllandt, who was also mayor in Schongau. By the way, the gilder, such a profession existed back then, was called Josef Felix Fronwieser. I liked Fronwieser so much that I baptized Kuisl‘s son-in-law Simon with this name. By the way, Simon is the only one in the Kuisl family that I invented. All the others, i.e. Jakob, his wife Anna-Maria, the hangman‘s daughter Magdalena, but also the twins Georg and Barbara can be found in the Schongau archives.

If you go through the gate, make sure you get back in time - well, at least in the 17th century. In the past, the city gates were closed at nightfall. For late revelers, such as the executioner Jakob Kuisl, there was only a small gate, the so-called "old entrance", which is now called the police tower.

The security guard paid well for the nightly passage. For such purposes, Jakob Kuisl likes to have a drink with him instead of money, something against the annoying cough or even a safe remedy for the idle nocturnal married life. If all else fails, the executioner always has a juicy curse on his lips. That has convinced every security guard.

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