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The Wieskirche (Wies Church), which is located in the foothills of the Alps near Steingaden, is known as one of the most impressive rococo churches in the world. In the middle of the church is the statue of the Scourged Saviour. Since 1983 the Wieskirche is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


In 1738, after tears had been seen on the face of the Scourged Saviour, the spot became an important pilgrimage site. In the late 1740s, Dominikus Zimmermann built the pilgrimage church in the Wies, as the chapel, which had been built some years before, got to small. During the Secularization, the church should be sold or demolished but because of protests of local farmers the masterpiece of rococo architecture could be preserved. Between 1985 and 1991, the Wieskirche underwent extensive restoration and was reopened on 5 May 1991. Today, about 1 million people visit the famous pilgrimage church, which is also part of the Romantic Road, every year.



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